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How quality education changed Rohan's future options

Rohan* is sharp and intelligent in the areas he likes. He was trying hard to get some good marks in every test, but couldn't do so. He lives with his mother and brother in Maher (the nearby Children’s Home). We sent him for testing and the reports showed that he had dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia (learning difficulties related to reading, writing and arithmetic). So we changed his subjects to match his abilities and then he showed interest in learning the new subjects, which gave him hope that he could get good marks in the exams. His confidence level increased and he looked more happy than before. Some more studying tips were given to Rohan and lots of prayers said for him. Support from teachers really made a big difference in him. Whenever he needed help, teachers were there to help him and teach him. Now Rohan has achieved distinction level in his Class 10 exams!

*Name changed for privacy

Celebrating Earth

As part of nurturing holistic education, we want to encourage our students and teachers to value issues that matter, as well as to learn to care for our neighbour and for the resources God has given us. Recently our students expressed their creativity by drawing chalk (rangoli) pictures about social issues such as taking care of the Earth and valuing girls.  

Appreciating the Aunties

ne of our core values is Dignity: every person is of equal value, even those typically overlooked by society. Gyanankur recently had a special assembly to honour the support staff who help keep our school clean (who we affectionately call 'Aunties'). 

Studying medicine in Russia

At the age of 6, many children roll their eyes at having to go to another day of school. At age 6, Seeta’s* dream was to attend an English medium school, so that one day she could become a doctor. Growing up in a family that did not support her dream, Seeta started walking 6 kilometres every day so that she could attend Gyanankur School. She was the first girl in her family to attend an English medium school. In Class 8, she asked her teacher dejectedly, ‘Why are you encouraging me to study so much? I know my parents will just get me married as soon as I finish class 10’. Her teacher encouraged her, “Seeta, let’s not focus on tomorrow. Just make the most of the opportunity you have before you today.” Seeta was encouraged and began working very hard. She ended up scoring the highest among our first batch of Gyanankur students in the Class 10 board exams! Her family, encouraged by these results, agreed to let her pursue her dream of studying science and applying for medical school. Seeta is now in Russia studying medicine!

*Name changed for privacy

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