Our Team

About our staff

Gyanankur has a team of 35 dedicated local teachers, trained in traditional pedagogies and exposed to international best practices through ongoing workshops, visits to other schools, visitors to our school, and regular opportunities to reflect and collaborate with each other. We also have 20 support staff including Aunties who help keep our school clean, admin staff who help keep our school running, and drivers who help keep our buses running! We believe in investing in each precious life to see each person flourish - whether by helping our teachers get further training if they wish to, sending staff members for training in organic farming, or helping our Aunties to get their high school diplomas!

About our board

Gyanankur School is managed by the Resurrection Education Society (RES). The RES board consists of 8 committed individuals, inspired by Biblical values and and driven by a shared heart for promoting quality education for the poor. These 8 members volunteer their time to serve and safeguard Gyanankur School, as well as oversee several other community development projects under RES. Our board represents the communities attending our school including tribal, Dalit, and local farmer communities. We also have the founder's granddaughter who advises the national and state governments on transforming the quality of government schools, a retired government principal, and an Indian businessman working in the educational space. Our chairperson is an experienced NGO leader working for children in need in various capacities. 

RES also has a few other projects alongside Gyanankur School. RES was key to setting up another school in the city of Pune in 2010, in partnership with the government and private sectors. We have various projects in 2 urban slums, including medical camps, homework support for children, periodic trainings like tailoring and basic literacy for some of the mothers, and general support for families. We also partner with another NGO providing lunches for about 50 impoverished families every month. 

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