Our Vision

Our vision = affordable quality joyful education for every child 

Over two-thirds of Indian children can only afford schools characterised by fear and discrimination, where textbooks must be recited and memorised, and little real learning takes place. Denied access to good quality education, most families are unable to even dream of better opportunities for their children, perpetuating a cycle of poverty. Gyanankur was founded to address these challenges. We believe that every person can blossom when lovingly nurtured, that learning is something to be enjoyed, and that quality education is a key to social transformation in India. 

Our vision is to contribute to a paradigm shift in Indian education, through:

A beacon school: developing an on-the-ground model of low-cost quality joyful education,

• Centre for community development: sparking transformation in the surrounding community,

• Teacher training: offering training to grassroots teachers in innovative approaches,

• Promoting quality schools for the poor: opening or supporting more schools (including government schools) to offer affordable quality joyful education

• Education resource centre: disseminating simple low-cost strategies for bringing transformation in traditional teachers and schools.

Our mission is three-fold

Quality education

teaching children to learn by doing, think for themselves, and apply what they learn to their lives

Holistic development

through a joyful and loving atmosphere that nurtures each child's physical, intellectual, social and spiritual development

Community transformation

by empowering students and community members to solve problems and become change agents in their communities

Our values

Informed by our Christian faith, these are the values that drive how we run our school, and that capture the legacy we want to leave with each of our students and staff.

1. Joy

School should be fun – for both our students and our staff.

2. Service

Our goal is not to be served, but to serve.

3. Transparency

We want our lives and relationships marked by openness and honesty.

4. Dignity

We treat everyone with equal respect – regardless of background, ability, or achievements.

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